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From the Desk of Father Mac

Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
July 16th, 2017

My Dear Friends in Christ,

Two images dominate our Scripture readings this Sunday, both from the world of nature ─ rain and the sowing of seeds. Together they describe not just the kingdom of God, but more importantly, how that kingdom is part of who we are as disciples of Christ.

In our reading from Isaiah, the Word of God is compared to the rain from heavens, pouring down, soaking the earth, softening it and nourishing it so that it produces its many fruits. As we know all too well after several years of severe drought here in Southern California, rain is essential to growth; without it, the land is unable to release its potential. So, too, for the Christian! The Word is essential for our spiritual growth. Like the rain, the meaning, imagery and teachings of God’s word are meant to soak in to our hearts, permeate our lives and so release our spiritual potential to be faithful disciples and heirs to the kingdom.

The power of the word of God is also described in the Parable of the Sower Jesus tells in the Gospel, using the imagery of sowing seed. Parables present something from daily life, but are also doorways to other spiritual and divine insights about God, the “knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven.”  Through the Parable of the Sower, Our Lord explains the obstacles to the Word of God bearing good fruit. Our Lord invites us to see the difference between hearing something and listening, between looking at something and seeing it. Just as farmers till the soil we have to be active in letting the Word of God bear fruit in our life by cultivating the soil of our soul.

This parable is not simply about the soil on which the seed falls ─ it is about the process of growing in our faith, for it is here that we truly find the kingdom. Responding to and faithfully living out the Gospel message are key here. In the same way that the farmer can never expect a 100 percent yield, so we are not able to choose the time and place in which we are to bear witness to the Gospel in a generous and faithful way. But we must be ready. What is important is that like the sower in today’s Gospel parable, we are extravagant in sowing that seed and sharing that word.

In Christ,



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