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From the Desk of Father Mac

Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
July 23rd, 2017

My Dear Friends in Christ,

I would hazard to guess that a number of you are gardeners. Why, you may be wondering, does the man in today’s Gospel tell his workers not to pull up the weeds in his field? There will be a time for that later, he says: at harvest time. Until then, he orders, let them grow together.

Jesus is saying that is how I act and that is how God acts – like this farmer. This is in contrast to the widely held belief on the part of many faithful Jews of Jesus’ time who believed that when the promised Messiah came, he would render judgement on people. Yet, as we know, when Jesus came, he did not judge. He ate with sinners. He proclaimed God’s love for all. Jesus  healed people, without investigating whether they had repented of their sins or not.

When Jesus did speak of judgment, he made it clear that this would come later. And it would be based largely on how people responded to God’s freely given love (See Matthew 25:31-46). Jesus’ message – proclaiming God’s love first, and reserving judgment for a later time – is important for all of us.

It reminds us to leave the judgment to God, for only God can see people’s hearts. If God chooses to delay his work of final judgment, it is for the reason given in our first reading: God’s mastery over all things makes him lenient to all. God can afford to be merciful because he is all-powerful.

Today’s Gospel parable of the weeds and the seeds tells us of God’s patience. It warns us not to be less patient than God. Jesus says to let the weeds and wheat grow side by side until the harvest day. Yes, that means that good and evil will continue to exist side by side in our world. The kingdom of God that Jesus proclaims today reflects God’s patient desire that we repent and turn to him so we may be saved.

In other words, God never gives up on us. He is ever-willing to forgive and is always seeking to draw us back to himself. It reminds us also that just as God freely and generously loves and forgives us, so we must be patient, gentle and loving to those we encounter throughout our daily lives.

In Christ,



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