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From the Desk of Father Mac

Thirty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time
November 12th, 2017

My Dear Friends in Christ,

Our hearts were shocked and saddened this past week as we witnessed the horrific mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. We pray for those who were killed and wounded and for all those who mourn them. We pray for an end to senseless gun violence and we pray that our culture of death may experience conversion!

In today’s Gospel, Jesus cautions us to stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour. It’s so easy to forget this. We go on living as if we think this earthly life will go on forever. Nothing is further from the truth. Our death could come upon us at any time and Jesus doesn’t want us to be caught off guard! The Church puts death front and center during this month of November which is an opportunity for us to reflect on the last things: death, judgment, heaven and hell.

Death is the temporary separation of man's mortal body and immortal soul which comes to all people as a consequence of original sin. At the end of the world, all will rise again to be judged by Christ. Thus the whole person, body and soul, will be rewarded for the good or evil that they have done, body and soul, in this life.

At the moment of death, each human person is judged by God based on their conduct in this life, and goes immediately to their reward or punishment. At the end of the world, Christ will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and God's whole plan for the world will be revealed, and his mercy and justice demonstrated.

Heaven is the eternal state of perfect happiness resulting from the face-to-face vision of God, which is the reward of those who have served Him in this life. Hell is the eternal state of torment and despair which awaits those who, in this life, have freely rejected God and the happiness which He offers.

Before the end of the world, there will be an intermediate state called purgatory. There, those who are bound for heaven, but whose love for God is still marred by some imperfection, undergo a temporary period of purification. When this is complete, they are admitted to the joys of heaven.

How, then, can we best prepare to meet the Lord? By following Christ. Jesus teaches us how we are to live on earth, so as to live with God after our death. The lessons Jesus taught us as he prepared for his death teaches us how to prepare for our own deaths. Let us stay awake in seeking to live like Christ. Let us grow in in our love for God and in our love for our neighbors. In doing so, we will also grow in gratitude for God’s kindness, and in certainty of the hope we have for being joined with the Lord and those who have gone before us.

In Christ,



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