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Feast of Pentecost
May 20th, 2018

My Dear Friends in Christ,

Today the Easter season concludes with Pentecost Sunday, commemorating that day in the newly formed Church when the Father and the Son poured out the Holy Spirit in a special way on the Apostles empowering them to take up the mission of proclaiming the Gospel throughout the whole world. Throughout the Church’s history, the Holy Spirit has showered down gifts upon her to keep her faithful to the teaching of the Lord, and to keep the fires burning to inspire hearts to be reconciled with God and with each other.

For the past seven weeks we have kept the Easter Candle burning in the sanctuary, lighting it every time we have celebrated Mass. The living flame of the Easter Candle reminded us that Christ is alive, that he rose from the dead just as the sun rises each morning to put an end to the darkness of the night. But after today we will remove the Easter Candle from our sanctuary. Until next Easter, we will only use it during baptism ceremonies, when Christ's risen life is given for the first time to new members of the Church, and during funerals reminding us that we are baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection.

Does the removal of the Easter Candle mean that Christ is no longer among us? No. The sanctuary lamp beside the Tabernacle reminds us that Christ hasn't gone on vacation. Rather, today is Pentecost, the day when Christ's risen life was entrusted to the Church by the gift of the Holy Spirit, who descended like tongues of fire on the Apostles nine days after Christ ascended into heaven. The fire of the Holy Spirit that descended upon the apostles has also been shared with us. We ourselves are to become living Easter Candles, burning flames of wisdom, pillars of Christian faith and love spreading Christ's hope in the world.

How can we follow this call to be Easter Candles for the world? Most importantly, we have to make sure we keep the flame burning in our hearts. If we do, it will give light and warmth to those around us without our even realizing it. Too many Christians have let the flame die out. They call themselves Christians, but they live mediocre lives. They have none of Christ's wisdom, courage, virtue, or joy, so they can give none of it to those around them. But today, Pentecost, God will renew the flame in each of our souls, and it will be up to us to keep it burning, to feed the flame.

We are blessed this weekend to welcome Bishop Thomas Curry, retired auxiliary bishop of the Santa Barbara Region, who will confer the Sacrament of Confirmation upon our teens. In a special way, through this sacrament, the fire of the Holy Spirit is entrusted to our Confirmandi who are now called to keep the flame burning in their own hearts and are commissioned to go and share that flame with others.

Let's pray for a new Pentecost in our lives, our parish, and our world, and let's promise to do our part to make that prayer come true!

In Christ,


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