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Safeguard the Children Committee

St. Cyril of Jerusalem Parish
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St. Cyril of Jerusalem Parish has an active Safeguard the Children Committee which is chaired by an active parishioner and includes the pastor, school principal, and other laypersons as members. St. Cyril of Jerusalem Parish is dedicated and committed to protecting all God's children.  We follow the policies and procedures as set forth by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and it's "SafeGuard the Children" Program and the VIRTUS® Program.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has created the Protecting Our Children Ministry.  Please click here to visit their website and read more about the programs, support and information.

 The Archdiocese of Los Angeles publishes weekly Bulletin Inserts titled: "Did You Know."  You can find these articles weekly on the  Archdiocese of Los Angeles website.

Safeguard the Children Coordinator
Ms. Joan Vienna

Safeguard the Children Ministry
Office Archdiocese of Los Angeles
 [email protected]
 213 637 7227 phone

 The first obligation of the Church with regard to victims is for healing and reconciliation. Dioceses continue to reach out to every person who has been a victim of sexual abuse as a minor by anyone in church service, whether that abuse is recent or occurred in the past.

 The Victims Assistance Ministry serves to help victims and survivors who have been victims of sexual abuse by a priests, deacons, or individuals representing the Catholic Church. The Victim Assistance Coordinator is available to help victims and survivors make a formal complaint of abuse to the diocese, and to obtain support for the needs of the individual and families.

Victims Assistance Coordinator
Ms. Suzanne D. Healy

Victims Assistance Ministry
Office Archdiocese of Los Angeles
 [email protected]
 213 637 7650 phone
 213 637 6650 fax


The Archdiocese of Los Angeles mandates this training for all adults working with children. This education component helps prevent child sexual abuse by first making every adult employee and volunteer aware of the issues surrounding child sexual abuse. This includes awareness of the many ways sexual abuse harms its victims, their families, the parish, and the community. The awareness session also helps adults learn to recognize the warning signs of abuse and shows them the appropriate way to respond to suspicious behavior. Finally, the awareness session empowers each person with five steps to help prevent child sexual abuse.


VIRTUS® Protecting God's Children™ Program

VIRTUS® Protecting God's Children Adult Awareness Session is a three-hour training that helps clergy, staff, volunteers and parents to understand the facts and myths about child sexual abuse; how perpetrators operate; and how caring adults can take five important steps to keep children safe. The parent session also stresses monitoring of computers, cell phones and other technology that perpetrators use to gain access to children and young people.

This class certificate is valid for four (4) years.

Protecting God's Children Guide

 VIRTUS® Keeping the Promise Alive ™ Refresher Program

Keeping the Promise Alive provides ongoing awareness for the prevention of child sexual abuse. The material covered in Keeping the Promise Alive is designed to identify and reinforce the lessons of the original Protecting God’s Children® for Adults program by clarifying some of the more challenging aspects of the sessions and strengthening the participants’ ability to recognize risky behavior in their environments and take action to intervene in potentially threatening situations. This program answers the questions, “What have been some results of the Protecting God’s Children program, and what else can we do to keep all children safe?”

As this is a “re-certification” class, the volunteer must have completed the VIRTUS® Protecting God's Children class in order to take this class,

This class certificate is valid for four (4) years.

 Finding a VIRTUS® Class Session

Note: a minister/member/volunteer can attend any VIRTUS® class within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (ADLA) (note: not all classes offered at other churches are open to parishioners outside of the hosting parish)

follow these steps to view the VIRTUS® class schedule online:

· go to

· on the left side, click “Registration”

· click “View a list of sessions.”

· select from the drop down menu, any Los Angeles (Archdiocese) Region:

      -Los Angeles – San Fernando Region (Archdiocese)

      -Los Angeles – San Gabriel Region (Archdiocese)

      -Los Angeles – San Pedro Region (Archdiocese)

      -Los Angeles – Santa Barbara Region (Archdiocese)

      -Los Angeles – Our Lady of Angels Region (Archdiocese)

· the classes will be listed in chronological order

· please pay close attention to the class name: Protecting God's Children or Keeping the Promise Alive to ensure that you select the correct class

· please contact the host parish to register for the class

· each minister/member/volunteer will need to turn a copy of their certificate of completion into either the their Parish Ministry Leader or the appropriate office (St. Cyril of Jerusalem Parish or Saint Cyril  of Jerusalem School)

*All of our Ministries that work with children are in full compliance with the "Safeguard the Children Program".  All  chaperones, volunteers and helpers who interact with children are "Virtus" trained and fingerprinted.